Coolest Grocery Store Ever!

The kids and I went to a baseball game in Cincinnati, and while we were there, we checked out Jungle Jim’s International Market. This place is amazing. We did not have time to see everything, so we plan on going back. The store has different sections with food from different countries. My daughter and I are pretty sure the music changed in each area also. There is a small movie theater that plays the story of Jungle Jim’s and multiple little food stores attached to the market. There is a whole section just for hot sauce, including a life-size fire truck display. The fish is fresh as it is still swimming in the tanks. The entire place is just fun.

If you want to check it out here is the link.

A yummy treat from one of the stores attached to the market. This is a cupcake shake.. Ummm. yum!

Some goodies we grabbed!

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