Fun Holiday Finds

I love trying new holiday products, whether its food, drinks, candles, etc.. I am a pumpkin spice enthusiast and love the new Starbucks pumpkin cold brew. I recently found this Starbucks pumpkin spice creamer at Wal-Mart Marketplace. Yum! We have a winner. I also picked up pumpkin spice english muffins.

I love shopping at Aldi because they have new items every week. It is fun to see what new items we will find. They have mega holiday flavored items. YES! The kids did a taste review on a few items. Check it out.

Here are some of our Aldi finds recently. Comment and share your cool Holiday finds.

Pumpkin and sage ravioli
I picked up pumpkin pecan oatmeal, harvest bagels, pumpkin spiced whipped cream candle, pumpkin spice spreadable cheese, caramel apple spreadable cheese, pumpkin pie hummus, caramel apple sparkling juice, and pumpkin butternut squash sauce.
Pumpkin spice sparkling juice

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