Free Popcorn and Big Watermelons

I moved to Kentucky recently, and I decided to check out the store Rural King. Rural King has farming and home supplies. I park the car, and as I am walking into the store, this is what I see.

WHAT???? Huge watermelons!

Okay, so that was pretty cool. Now, I get inside, and they have cute little shopping carts for kids, and they also give away free coffee and popcorn to snack on while you shop.

Free popcorn.

I picked up some cute Christmas wrapping paper and found some fun stocking stuffers for the kids. Chicken feet gummies!

The store had a ton of cool food products, including a line of jarred food that appeared to be their brand. These would make cute gifts.

This place also sells cute baby chicks, and you can even visit their mascot rooster.

I enjoyed my visit to this unique store and will be taking the kids to check it out next time. (The employees were friendly also.)

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