Sewing Projects

I am new to sewing, and I love it! I am always looking for cheap, cute, and fast projects. I saw an idea to make a long pillow for the kids while in the car and decided to try it out. While at Dollar Tree, I found a fleece baby blanket and decided that it would probably work great. I cut the blanket in half, and it was a perfect size. I sewed the edges and decided to put a button on the end with a cord to use as a neck pillow. Super easy project!

I was going to make pillowcase covers for Valentine’s day, but I got the idea to make a wrap instead. I like this idea, and I think they look super cute. I used some material I already had and sewed all the edges. I used velcro to make it a wrap. I also just hot glued the details on it, which were leftover from Christmas! I am excited about making some fun ones for Saint Patrick’s day.

The next project I want to talk about is hair ties! Walmart has these AWESOME fabric strips that are already cut perfectly for hair scrunchies. These things are popular with teenagers right now. My daughter gave them out to her friends, and she thought it was awesome. I am patiently waiting for them to come out with the Valentine’s day prints.

Let’s talk about these cute cup sleeves. I am OBSESSED with these. I wanted to keep every single one, and so did my kids. They were simple enough to make, and you can find directions for them all over the internet. I made a smaller one for the standard coffee cup size and a bigger one to fit a cold cup with a straw.

This little pouch was pretty simple to make, and I thought it turned out nice. It is a small grab bag for a few diapers and wipes.

The next project I want to make is small travel type bags and fabric bookmarks. Stay tuned. Comment below some easy projects you enjoy making.

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