Easy DIY Halloween or Thanksgiving shirt

I stumbled across these shirts at Wal-Mart in the boy section and knew they were just perfect for Halloween or Thanksgiving. The brand is Wondernation, and they are $4.44 each. They have a lot of great colors to choose from that will work. 

The brand of these shirts is Wondernation.

I wanted a simple design that would look cute on all three shirts. I went with a simple pumpkin. These can be worn at Halloween and/or Thanksgiving. The awesome thing about these shirts is the horizontal lines. These lines make it so easy to line up and get the design straight. I used vinyl, but you could also use printer transfer sheets (if vinyl is not an option).

Added a pink pumpkin!

Here are the finished products! What do you think? They were so simple, and now we have cute matching shirts to wear.

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